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After finding personal passion and confidence by challenging myself physically and mentally, I now find joy inspiring others to do the same.Cam Lee
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It’s never easy getting out of your comfort zone, but Cam Lee believes it’s essential to creating a strong mind and body. To be honest, this wasn’t always the case for her. Growing up, she admits she struggled with self-love and confidence. The embarrassment brought on by schoolyard sports failures and an uncoordinated body admittedly took their toll. However, these experiences served as motivation to focus, learn, and move forward. It started with her discovery of yoga, which taught her to simply love herself. This led to boosted confidence and the courage to go the gym, try fitness classes, and take on new challenges. The dominos started to fall into place. Finding her breath and centre in the yoga studio trickled into wide aspects of her life: new obsessions with backpacking, rock climbing, photography, and healthy living slowly became her cornerstones. Not too long ago, she cringed at the idea of stepping in front of a camera and never would have imagined that sharing aspects of her life to complete strangers would bring her such joy and fulfillment. Whether through fitness, food, fashion, blogging, or travel, she seeks to inspire by sharing her experiences and helping others to feel good in their own body, inside and out. By consistently pursuing a fun, adventurous, well-rounded life, she hopes her story will spark and excite others to get out there and learn, try, fail, and ultimately succeed during this lifelong journey.

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