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Picture of Jess Hunichen and Emily Ward of Shine Influencers

North America’s leading Talent
Management + Influencer Relations
agency, Shine specializes in the
online and social space. Working
with brands and agencies, we create
campaigns that are memorable
and inspire consumers to take action.

Jess Hunichen and Emily Ward are the Co-Founders of the multi-faceted Influencer and PR agency, Shine. After launching Shine PR January 2015, the team quickly saw the opportunity to fill a void in the influencer landscape. In November 2015, Shine Influencers was born, built to serve as a resource for brands and marketing/PR agencies with one-on-one talent management and campaign strategy consulting.

Building on the rapid success, the team has expanded to niche markets throughout North America with offices in Toronto, Montreal and Los Angeles. Shine continues to strengthen its offerings by bringing on team members who are fully immersed in all things social, and emerging talent to deliver impactful influencer campaigns.

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