Tracy Peart

“I always carry 12 different lipsticks on me at all times. You never know who you’ll purposely run into” Tracy Peart

Tracy is the exclusive makeup artist to both Toronto’s Breakfast Television & Canada’s longest running lifestyle show, Cityline. She’s also a regular Beauty & Fashion Guest Expert on both shows, teaching the latest makeup and plus size fashion tips. Tracy is inspired by every face she paints, and makes it her life’s goal to help teach the tricks of the trade of makeup artistry to as many people as possible.

Being a body positive advocate, Tracy became popular on social media for her sense of style, so it only made sense to add being a plus size fashion expert to her list of contributions.

Whether it be in print, television, online or through her iphone app “Makeup iQ”, Tracy is always looking for new ways to educate others on beauty, thus making her one of Toronto’s premier beauty experts.

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