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"Ever since I was a little girl I loved playing dress up. Even now, being a so called “adult” I still love playing in my wardrobe; mixing, matching, and DIY’ing."Lyndsey Smith
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Lyndsey is the editor and creative director behind the life and style blog, Over My Styled Body. Founded in 2012, Over My Styled Body was created as merely a creative outlet to showcase outfits and be a source of inspiration for others. After gaining traction on social media channels such as Instagram, Over My Styled Body has evolved into a lifestyle platform for Lyndsey to share home decor, beauty favourites, and travel experiences! Recently featured in Canada’s Fashion Magazine, Over My Styled Body has had the chance to collaborate with some amazing brands such as Samsung, Keds, and Town Shoes…just to name a few! Currently living in the wild west AKA Edmonton, AB, Lyndsey is sharing life with her husband and their Frenchton pup, Henry, and cat, Oggy. Lyndsey is a strong believer that fabulous style is attainable on any budget and continues to share that belief with others on Over My Styled Body!


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