Keltie O’Connor

"My goal is to encourage women of all ages to move their bodies, either through athletics, or whatever form of fitness they love. Which I truly believe can help them become the most confident versions of themselves."Keltie O'Connor
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Keltie is an Edmonton based fitness, athletics, and fashion vlogger and a retired pro-basketball player. Her mission is to show individuals different sports and forms of fitness they can try to stay in shape. Whether that’s basketball, tennis, golf, yoga, weightlifting and everything else in between. Keltie’s mission is to inspire girls into trying a new style of fitness/sport or help them on the journey to discover a sport they love.

She also has a lifestyle theme on her social media platforms. Keltie believes in healthy eating; but that should also include pizza and beer! She showcases different athletic apparel reviews, lookbooks, and more to help individuals know what to wear when they are working out or engaging in specific sports. She wants to inspire confidence through being active. 

Keltie is a proud Canadian that loves travelling across the country, exploring new cities paired with fun outdoor activities.

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